This course offers you an entirely new and unique way to consider personal style. You will discover how the choices in other areas of your life - your surroundings, activities, dreams, and goals - inform and reflect your individual style.

It will help you realize what works for you and why, and will give you a broader understanding of how to create a wardrobe that is coherent with who you are, intrinsically.

Everyone wants to be seen, known, and appreciated for who they are. When teaching my courses or working with a client my biggest goal, and greatest gift, is when someone says: "You really GET me!"

That is what motivates all that I do and every part of the training and courses I offer. That is why I created this school: to share everything I have learned so that you can deeply understand what works for you and why, and how to show up in the world as your best, truest self.

-Andrea Pflaumer

Fashion Perfection: Discovering Your Inner Style

How your surroundings, activities, dreams, and goals suggest your individual style.

Fashion Perfection: Color Harmony

Understanding the principles of color analysis and recognizing the difference between archetypes and their combinations.


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Fashion Perfection:

The Fundamentals of Style

The specific elements that define individual style "essences" and how to apply them to your unique style combination: line, shape, structure, textiles, details.


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