Fashion Perfection is about more than just finding the perfect outfit. It's fundamentally about knowing yourself, fully and deeply, and then expressing that through what you wear.

The courses in this school are as applicable to young people, just starting out their careers, as it is to seasoned professional stylists.

Each course will help you train your eye to see and understand the fundamentals of what we call Human Harmonics. Human Harmonics is the application of principles of art to the human form.

You will come away from these courses with the knowledge of:

  • Why certain very specific colors, styles, shapes, textiles, and accessories work for you
  • How to embrace trends and knowing which ones to embrace
  • What is considered"good taste" and how to acquire it
  • What suits you at this stage of your life and every stage of your life

I highly recommend starting with Discovering Your Inner Style: An Adventure in Dressing Authentically. This course will set you on a path to more fully appreciate all the principles to be shared in Fashion Perfection.

Discovering Your Inner Style

Fashion Perfection:

Discovering Your Inner Style

How your surroundings, activities, dreams, and goals inform and reflect your individual style.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Fashion Perfection: Color Harmony

Applying color theory to archetype combinations; the psychology of colors; how to combine them effectively.
(Stay tuned)

Understanding the principles of color harmony, personal color analysis, and color archetype combinations

Fashion Perfection:

The Fundamentals of Style

The specific elements that define individual style "essences" - line, shape, texture, details - and how to apply them to your unique style combination.
(Stay tuned...)

Hi, I'm Andrea Pflaumer, the author of Shopping for the Real You.

Everyone wants to be seen, known and appreciated for who they are. My biggest goal, and greatest gift when working with a client is when they tell me: "You really GET me!"

That is what motivates all that I do and every part of the training and courses I offer. That is why I created this school: to share everything I have learned so that you can deeply understand what works for you and why, and how to show up in the world as your best, truest self.